Notes from Vero Beach Part III

Dodger trainer Stan Conte said Monday that the injury to Hong-Chih Kuo, must fully heal before Kuo can begin to throw again. "This is not a long-lasting or career-threatening injury," Conte said. "It just takes time to heal."  He will be out 4-6 weeks.  I guess Stan Conte (ex-Giants trainer) must be wondering out loud at this point about all of these injuries.  The Dish – When he came over the Dodgers switched their daily physical training routines.  The Dodgers now complete their "indirectly" related baseball training before they proceed to their directly baseball related training.  Conte is considered one of the game’s best so don’t be overly alarmed, it’s just a run of bad luck it will even itself out (hopefully), in San Francisco his methods, eventually led to a sizable decrease in the over-all DL time some pretty elderly Giants teams.

The Dish – Chad Billingsley will take the 5th spot in the rotation from Brett Tomko, once and for all by midseason. He has been put in the role of long relief in order to allow him and Dodger pitching coach, Rick Honeycutt enough time to work on his expected command issues and develop his sub-par straight changeup against major league hitters, once he gets that sorted – lookout! He is a classic power pitcher and with a fastball, curve and slider that are already at major league level. If you have the space, keep him as a reserve until he gets that call. By all means if you’re in a keeper hang onto him he is going to be very valuable. Look for about 10-12 wins as his upside for 2007.

James Loney and Andy LaRoche are both headed to Las Vegas.  They will continue to see time in the outfield since both are blocked at the major league level. 

Larry Bigbie continues to make case for himself as 5th outfielder as does slugger Matt Kemp.  Kemp has much more upside but needs to play everyday look for Bigbie to make the 25 man roster.


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