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New Rules

In MLB has updated its rule book for the first time since 1996.  Some of the highlights include: resumption of suspended games, automatic 10-game suspension for defacing or applying "soil, rosin, paraffin, licorice, sandpaper, emery paper or other foreign substance" to a ball and gender objectivity: The rulebook now includes the disclaimer that references "to ‘he,’ ‘him’ or ‘his’ shall be deemed to be a reference to ‘she,’ ‘her’ or ‘hers’" where applicable.  Here’s hoping a future Jennie Finch makes it to a minor league park near you someday!

Ex-Met (now Baltimore Oriole) Steve "The Human Rain Delay" Trachsel may find facing A-Rod, Jeter, Big Papi and Manny even more difficult with the new rule changes concerning the leagues most notorious time wasters.  All pitchers must deliver a ball within 12 seconds (down from 20) with no one on base and hitters must keep one foot in the batter’s box throughout his (or hers) at-bat. Those rules, which were in effect in the minors, last year, carry a penalty of a ball (for the pitcher) or a strike (for the hitter).

Also, games that are called with a tie score will now be resumed from the point of stoppage, rather than replayed entirely.  "Tie games will resume prior to the next scheduled game between the teams, in the visitors’ park if no more games are scheduled at the same site. If no more games are scheduled between the teams, the tie would stand unless an outcome would decide a playoff spot — in which case the game would be replayed in its entirety".