This Blog is moving and so is Nomar!

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At last Grady Little has taken the former two-time american league batting champ up on his offer to move over to third if it would help the team. Nomar made this offer back in the spring. Well better late than never. Unable to swing a trade for a big name hitter so far the team has been forced to turn to youth, namely last year’s minor league batting champ James Loney.

"We’re trying to get ourselves in a position where we can be the best we can be, and that option right now is there for us," manager Grady Little said Monday. "Nomar’s 100 percent on board. He’s been over there before. It’s not a strange place for him." Nomar played first base Monday at Arizona and he went 0-for-5.
Loney has been on fire since being recalled from the minor leagues a couple of weeks ago. "This has a lot to do with the way James Loney is swinging the bat and the way he’s playing, too," Little said. "The primary factor is to try to help us win games. And we feel like this is a move we want to give a shot at right now."

Grab Loney in all leagues he is not a power hitter but should hit for a high average the rest of the way.


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